Green Leaf X
Green Leaf X
Green Leaf X
Green Leaf X

Green Leaf X

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What is Green Leaf X?
Green Leaf X is a blend of specially blended hormones to increase uniform emergence and promote seedling development. Green Leaf X offers immunity support and natural chelators for improved nutrient uptake.

How does Green Leaf X improve soil health?
Paired with Bio Max E and the correct food sources, including Advanced Guard and Bio Redux G2, Green Leaf X promotes growth of healthy microbes and in turn builds aggregate structure, improves water infiltration, and improves nutrient uptake in plants.

How should Green Leaf X be applied?
In-furrow, foliar, sidedress applications and fertigation are all excellent options.

Why choose agribio systems

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Our #1 goal is increasing your farm profit by building soil health

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A properly designed system can do incredible things for your soil and profitability