Magmahume™ - Monty&
Magmahume™ - Monty&

Magmahume™ - Monty's Plant Food

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MagmaHume is a unique combination of basalt, a source of secondary and micronutrients, and Monty’s proprietary activated humics, to improve soil fertility and health. MagmaHume is natural, organic, and balanced for better growth, bringing more energy to your plants. 

  • Dual-action soil and plant fortifier
  • Key nutrients assist in photosynthesis, enzyme production, catalyzing key plant processes, and support plant strength
  • Improves overall soil health by reducing compaction, enhancing micronutrient uptake, and increasing microbial activity
  • Ideal for silica and nutrient-demanding crops like rice, sugar cane, wheat, small grains, corn, hemp, soybeans, and tomatoes
  • Pelleted product is uniformly sized, low-dust, and easy to spread
  • Basalt processed to maximize surface area interaction with activated humics, increasing nutrient solubility
  • Blendable and compatible with other dry inputs
  • OMRI Listed and approved for organic application

Size: 2000 lbs (907.185 kg)

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