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What is B4?
B4 is a specially formulated liquid boron product that is used for in-season boron supplementation.

Why is boron important?
Boron has several very important roles within a plant. Boron being a calcium synergist, aids in the strengthening of cell walls, promotes proper plant and root growth, facilitates the movement of all minerals within a plant and regulates plant hormones. Boron is responsible for sap pressure within the plant. Boron is not only important but essential to complete photosynthesis.

When should B4 be applied?
Different soils release boron at different rates, therefore a sap analysis is the most accurate method in determining when B4 should be applied.

Is too much boron toxic to the plant?
Boron as well as any other mineral can be toxic to plants in excess. Always check the product label before use.

Should B4 be applied with anything else?
If calcium is the truck that transports all minerals into the plant, boron acts as the driver navigating the minerals to the proper location within the plant. Because of this synergism Calibrate G2 would be a great addition to a B4 application.

How should B4 be applied?
B4 can be applied several ways. Foliar, sidedress applications and fertigation are all excellent options.

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