BioLaunch - Biological Support
BioLaunch - Biological Support
BioLaunch - Biological Support

BioLaunch - Biological Support

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What is BioLaunch?
BioLaunch is a concentrated biological support product that contains 76+ species of beneficial bacteria.

How is BioLaunch different from BioMax-E?
BioLaunch, being a great entry level product is solely bacteria driven. BioMax-E is an extremely diverse product with 4000+ species of microorganisms.

Can BioLaunch be mixed with other fertilizers?
Due to the dormant state of the bacteria contained within, BioLaunch can be mixed with most commonly used fertilizers.

How do beneficial bacteria affect the soil?
Soil bacteria make nutrients available via ion exchange. Nutrients such as Phosphorus that are bound up in the soil, can be released with the proper bacteria. Bacteria can also wrap themselves around plant roots and act as a defense shield against pathogens.

What is the preferred method of application?
BioLaunch can be applied in furrow in the spring or sprayed directly on the soil as a residue digester in the fall.

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