BioMax E - Concentrated Liquid Biology
BioMax E - Concentrated Liquid Biology

BioMax E - Concentrated Liquid Biology

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What is BioMax E?
BioMax E is a high quality concentrated extract derived from premium vermicompost. This compost contains 4000+ species of beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, etc…

How does BioMax E improve soil health?
BioMax E can aid in disease suppression, retention of all nutrients in the soil, provide plants with essential nutrients, decomposition of soil toxins, and build soil structure.

How is BioMax E different from a compost tea?
Unlike compost teas, BioMax E is a more stable product which in turn gives it a longer shelf life.

What is the best application method for BioMax E?
BioMax E can be applied in-furrow at planting, through a sprayer as a foliar, through an irrigation system, or broadcasted across the soil preplant or as a residue digester.

Is BioMax E compatible with other fertilizers?
Most commercial fertilizers can be detrimental to the microbes in BioMax E.

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