C 12%- Liquid Carbon
C 12%- Liquid Carbon
C 12%- Liquid Carbon

C 12%- Liquid Carbon

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What is C 12%?
C 12% is a 12% liquid humic acid.

Why is humic important?
Humic has many benefits but some of the most important are buffering soils, detoxifying chemicals and heavy metals, stabilizing urea and other nitrogen sources, promoting and feeding beneficial fungi, and increasing nutrient uptake.

What other products can be used with C 12%?
C 12% should be applied with the recommended line of AgriBio products.

Should I apply C 12% with all my Nitrogen applications?
Yes, a carbon source is a highly recommended addition to all nitrogen applications. Carbon helps buffer the high level of salt in fertilizer and chemical products while also feeding biology to prevent the degradation of organic matter.

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