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Ocean water contains over 90 naturally occurring elements. SEA-CROP® is carefully collected and processed in a manner that preserves the natural organic matter of the seawater.

SEA-CROP® is composed of organic matter and minerals derived from pristine seawater. Unlike other sea minerals, SEA-CROP® has never been dried or subjected to heat. Drying or heating can destroy organic compounds. SEA-CROP® is an easy to use solution of minerals in ionic liquid form.

SEA-CROP® is intended to be used as part of a fertility plan. The goal is to produce healthy crops that are naturally disease and pest resistant because of good nitrogen utilization and complete protein syntheses.

How to Use

It is a requirement to measure as accurately as possible. SEA-CROP solution over 10% in water is or becomes increasingly lethal to plants. Accurate measurement is required.

For those dependent on Glyphosate, apply SEA-CROP either two weeks before or two weeks after. Due to Glyphosate’s chelation qualities, this time buffer is critical.

When using a hand pump or machine pressure sprayer, use as fine of a mist as possible. This allows for more even distribution and less run off. For hand pumps, this requires a consistent amount of air pressure. Keep it pumped!

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