Ca 9%
Ca 9%
Ca 9%

Ca 9%

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What is Ca 9%?
Ca 9% is a specially formulated liquid calcium product that is used for in-season calcium supplementation.

Why is calcium important?
Calcium is an essential mineral that aids in the uptake of every mineral through the plant. Calcium attributes to stalk strength and water movement throughout the plant. Calcium also aids in flocculating soils to provide better pore space and help form stable aggregates.

When should Ca 9% be applied?
A sap analysis is the most accurate method in determining when Ca 9% should be applied. Our years of sap analyses have shown that calcium needs to be applied early and often.

Is too much calcium toxic to the plant?
Calcium as well as any mineral can be toxic to plants in excess. Always check the product label before use.

Should Ca 9% be applied with anything else?
Calcium acts as the truck that transports all minerals into the plant, boron acts as the driver navigating the minerals to the proper location within the plant. Because of this synergism B4 would be a great addition to a calcium application. A jar test should always be performed before application. 

How should Ca 9% be applied?
Ca 9% can be applied several ways. Foliar, sidedress applications and fertigation are all excellent options.

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