Pacific Gro Ocean Hydrolysate
Pacific Gro Ocean Hydrolysate

Pacific Gro Ocean Hydrolysate

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Pacific Gro contains a great range of nutrients that improves soil health and builds humus. Fish oil is a preferred food source for soil microorganisms, particularly beneficial fungi. Farmers notice a proliferation of soil life and restoration of a healthy fungal-bacterial balance. It’s often applied with microbial products. It’s also used as a foliar with other inputs the fish oil acts as a sticker, there’s plant-available calcium and the amino acids chelate nutrients.

This is a highly bio-active product which works well in fertigation, sprayed onto the soil and as a starter or pop-up, and also by foliar spray. Stabilized with acid at pH 3.5, and double-screened at 150 mesh (100 microns). Jar test mixtures with other products and in particular do not mix with synthetic forms of phosphorus. Rinse out tanks that had 10-34 or other high phos. products.

Produced from Ocean-caught salmon, shrimp and crab that are ground and enzymatically digested without removal of any of the natural oils or proteins. It is naturally high in fish oil. Most of the nitrogen is in amino acid form. The raw material is collected from seafood processors. The naturally occurring enzymes and vortex action in our breaking tanks digest the shells, fish bones and fish scrap into a fine colloidal suspension.

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