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  • Optimized Nitrogen Delivery: Nitrogen constitutes a significant portion of plant proteins and is crucial for chloroplast function. NitroHume delivers nitrogen in the amine form, second only to amino acids in the nitrogen hierarchy. This form reduces energy expenditure during photosynthesis, ensuring efficient utilization by crops.

  • Enhanced Uptake: Traditional soil-applied nitrogen often falls short, with only a fraction effectively absorbed by plants. NitroHume, however, revolutionizes nitrogen uptake. Through foliar application, it can boost absorption rates by up to 80%, maximizing nutrient utilization for superior crop performance.

  • Balanced Soil Health: Enriched with humic acid, NitroHume not only stabilizes soil pH but also facilitates nutrient chelation in the root zone. This synergy enhances nitrogen assimilation directly into plants, promoting robust growth and vitality.

  • Versatile Application: NitroHume's flexibility extends across various application methods, including foliar, sidedress, and fertigation. This adaptability ensures seamless integration into existing farming practices, offering convenience without compromising efficacy.

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